Plenary Sessions-28/05/2022

Saturday, May 28th, 2022

  • Plenary session 4: Hemostatic complications and novel anti-cancer therapies
    Chairs: TBA

PL-13 - Old is new again: emergence of thromboembolic complications in cancer patients on immunotherapy 
K. McCrae (USA)

PL-14 - Emerging data linking thrombosis to targeted anti-cancer treatments
F. Moik (Austria)

PL-15 - Drug-drug interaction: implications for cancer associated VTE treatment
T.F. Wang (Canada)

PL-16 - Bleeding risk with direct oral anticoagulants in cancer patients
R. Bauersachs (Germany)

Selected Abstract

  • Special Lecture
    Chairs: TBA

Importance of biobaking in cancer and thrombosis research: building new "horizons"
M. Lavitrano (Italy)

  • Plenary session 5: COVID-19, thrombosis, and cancer
    Chairs: TBA

PL-17 - Cancer and COVID-19: where are the data?
N. Kuderer (USA)

PL-18 - COVID-19 associated coagulopathy in cancer
M.M. Levi (UK)

PL-19 - COVID-19 impact on thrombosis in hematologic malignancy
M.N. Lauw (The Netherlands)

PL-20 - Update on vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia

J.M. Connors (USA)

Selected Abstract

  • Roundtable: Multidisciplinary approach in Cardiovascular Oncology
    Chairs: TBA

Introduction: Building a CAT Clinic - Real-World Systems Approaches to Prevention and Treatment 
A.A. Khorana (USA)

Discussants: B. Brenner (Israel), A.J. Kakkar (UK)I. Elalamy (France), A.J. Munoz (Spain), M.B. Monreal (Spain), N. Van Es (The Netherlands)