PL-13 from ICTHIC on VIMEO

intracranial hemorrhage in cancer patients on anticoagulation
On behalf of the SWG: J Zwicker (USA)

PL-14 from ICTHIC on VIMEO

Management of cancer-associated disseminated intravascular coagulation
On behalf of EHA: M Levi (The Netherlands)

PL-16 from ICTHIC in VIMEO

Update of thrombosis in multiple myeloma
On behalf of EHA: F Leebeek (The Netherlands)

PL-17 from ICTHIC on  VIMEO

Upper extremity deep vein thrombosis: comparison between cancer and non-cancer patients
SM Bleker (The Netherlands)

PL-18 from ICTHIC on VIMEO

Risk of thrombosis and supportive care (transfusion, catheters, growth factors)
G Castaman (Italy)

PL-20 from ICTHIC on VIMEO

Predictors of recurrent VTE and bleeding on anticoagulation
AA Khorana (USA)

PL-21 from ICTHIC on VIMEO

Primary prophylaxis of VTE in cancer outpatients
D Imberti (Italy)

PL-22 from ICTHIC on VIMEO

Thromboprophylaxis in hospitalized Cancer Patients: a comparison of guidelines
G Lyman (USA)

PL-23 from ICTHIC on VIMEO

Long term cardiovascular complications of chemotherapy in patients with cancer
PW Kamphuisen (The Netherlands)