Advisory Board

The contribution from the international scientific community

The faculty of ICTHIC 2018 is composed by internationally renowned specialists in the field of thrombosis and hemostasis. Many of them have already been members of the ICTHIC Advisory Board in the past helping us to build a solid scientific program for the previous editions of the congress.

The conference chairmen are proud to enlist here below the colleagues that will serve as faculty members of the 9th ICTHIC, and warmly thank all of them for the valuable contribution they will give for a successful meeting.

Faculty Members

Walter Ageno Italy

Giancarlo Agnelli Italy

Cihan Ay Austria

Tiziano Barbui Italy

Rupert Bauersachs Germany

Benjamin Brenner Isreael

Harry Buller The Netherlands

Marc Carrier Canada

Giancarlo Castaman Italy

Maria Benedetta Donati Italy

Christophe Dubois France

Ismail Elalamy France

Anna Falanga Italy

Augusto Bramante Federici Italy

Charles Wayne Francis USA

Gregorios Gerotziafas France

Raffaella Giavazzi Italy

Claudine Graf Germany

Paolo Gresele Italy

Jogn-Bjarne Hansen Norway

Ajay Kakkar UK

Gili Kenet Isreael

Alok AKhorana USA

Stavros Kostantinides Germany

Nicole Kuderer USA

Agnes Y Lee Canada

Frank W.Leebeek The Netherlands

Marcel M Levi The Netherlands

Howard Liebman USA

Francesco Lo Coco Italy

Gary H Lyman USA

Nigel Mackman USA

Simon Mantha USA

Anthony Maraveyas UK

Vikram Mathews India

Patrik Mismetti France

Nicola Mutch UK

Yona Nadir Isreael

Simon Noble UK

Anne-Karin Olsson Sweden

Ingrid Pabinger Austria

Joe Palumbo USA

Paolo Prandoni Italy

Janusz Rak Canada

Alessandro Rambaldi Italy

Pieter Hendrik Reitsma The Netherlands

Frederick R. Rickles USA

Francesco Rodeghiero Italy

Per Morten Sandset Sweden

Sam Schulman Canada

Hugo ten Cate The Netherlands

Ilene Weitz USA

Jeffrey Zwicker USA