Plenary Sessions-27/05/2022

Friday, May 27th, 2027

  • Congress Opening: Anna Falanga, Benjamin Brenner, Alok A. Khorana

  • Plenary Session 1: Emerging trends in cancer associated thrombosis
    Chairs: TBA

PL01 - VTE in cancer in contemporary era
F. Mulder (The Netherlands)

PL02 - Thrombosis and coagulation in the contemporary management of breast cancer
C. Kirwan (UK)

PL03 - Machine learning for risk stratification of CAT
G. Gerotziafas (France)

PL04 - Thrombosis and risk stratification in hematological malignancies
K.M. San Filippo (USA)

Selected Abstract

  • Plenary Session 2: Exploring the relationship between hemostasis and cancer: New insights
    Chairs: TBA

PL05 - Targeting P-selectin-expressing brain tumors in 3 dimensions
R. Satchi-Fainaro (Israel) 

PL06 - Molecular mechanisms of TF/TFPI pathway regulation in tumor cells
N. Iversen (Norway)

PL07 - Cancer mutations and thromboembolic risk 
S. Mantha (USA)

PL08 - The role of neutrophil extracellular traps in CAT
A. Rosell (Sweden)

Selected Abstract

  • Plenary Session 3: Role of hemostatic biomarkers in CAT and cancer progression
    Chairs: TBA

PL09 - Bi-directional cross talk between coagulation and cancers: current assessment of pre-clinical evidence
J.M. O’Sullivan (Ireland)

PL10 - PET scan for occult cancer among patients with unprovoked VTE: what do we know?
A. Delluc (Canada)

PL11 - The role of platelets in cancer progression 
L. Panicot-Dubois (France)

PL12 - Hemostatic system activation in breast cancer: searching for new biomarkers of cancer outcome
M. Marchetti (Italy)

Selected Abstract

  • Debate: Catheter-associated Thrombosis in cancer patients: To prophylaxis or not to prophylaxis? 
    Chairs: TBA

M. Carrier (Canada)

C. Becattini (Italy)

  • Plenary Lecture: 7th Simon Karpatkin Memorial Lecture
    Chairs: TBA

Introduction to Lecture

Haemostatic system, immunity, and inflammation in cancer
J.S. Palumbo (USA)