Plenary Sessions-29/05/2022

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

  • Plenary session 6: Cardiovascular complications in cancer patients
    Chairs: B. Rocca (Italy), P. Angchaisuksiri (Thailand)

PL-21 - Evolving data on cardiovascular complications in cancer
H. Ten Cate (The Netherlands)

PL-22 - Cardiotoxic effects of antitumor agents: Pathogenetic mechanisms
A.D. Tselepis (Greece)

PL-23 - Optimizing antithrombotic therapy for atrial fibrillation in cancer
A. Tufano (Italy)

PL-24 - Clonal hematopoiesis and cardiovascular complications in cancer patients and survivors

J.J. Fuster (Spain)

Selected Abstract

  • Debate: Duration of VTE treatment beyond 6 months: To continue or not to continue?
    Chairs: S.C. Cannegieter (The Netherlands), A. Cohen (UK)

A.Y.Y. Lee (Canada)

M. Di Nisio (Italy)


  • Plenary Session 7: Prevention and treatment of Cancer-Associated Thromboembolism
    Chairs: A. Young (UK), R. Labianca (Italy)

PL-25 - Prevent and Treat VTE in cancer patients: ESMO guidelines
A. Falanga (Italy)

PL-26 - The impact of warfarin on overall survival in cancer patients with VTE 
J. Zwicker (USA)

PL-27 - The impact of thromboprophylaxis on the survival of patients with pancreatic cancer
M. Karamouzis (Greece)

PL-28 - Cancer-Associated Non-Bacterial Thrombotic Endocarditis

A. Leader (Israel)

PL-29 - Risk benefit analysis of anticoagulation in elderly cancer patients
S. Noble (UK) 

Selected Abstract